something that
causes or arouses
wonder and
see how it works
Play Video wonderfull box
3 steps to wonder
feel wonderfull box
So you’re wandering.
Don’t know what to give
your best friend. Your lover.
Your mom. Stop wandering.
Wonder.full turns wander into
wonder. It’s in a box!
A box full of experiences
to share. Follow your feeling
and pick up a box.
fill wonderfull box
Hand them the box.
Watch them open it.
Fill them with happiness.
Jumps of excitement, bursts of
happy tears. Feel their heartbeat.
Give them a hug. It’s like
unpacking happiness.
Once you open the box,
The gift is there to be experienced.
Full of wonderfull items
Choose what you want to feel,
and when you want to do it.
Contact the provider.
Book it, show them the voucher.
And live it to the fullest.
Experience your wonder moment. Good things come to those who wonder.
Pick up a box!
buy a wonderfull box
wonderfull box benefits
quality wonders
We handle experiences with care. That’s
why our team has handpicked and
created only the best experiences
supplied by the best providers. 
Sparkly eyes
are guaranteed
We are obsessively in love with life,
weird things,thrilling moments, small
pleasures and you! Every box we create,
we fill it up with passion, care,
excitement and this little extra
something that arouses wonder and
astonishment. Expect the unexpected!
is happiness
By offering an array of wonder.full
experiences to choose from, we make
sure everyone is happy. The inspired
giver and the lucky receiver. Once you
get the box, you can choose your favorite
activity to enjoy. Isn’t that just perfect?
Good things come to those who wonder.
One year
to enjoy the gift
Time flies and you can be busy or lazy.
It’s part of the treat. Because we know
that wonder.full experiences come at the
perfect moment, the lucky receiver will
have one full year to enjoy his/her
chosen activity or to exchange
the box. Yes… we did think of everything.
wonderfull friends
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their name
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wonderfull gift
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